Big Brother 16: Jury Ransacks Big Brother House

The houseguests were excited to wake up to the message that a luxury competition was in the works. Not so fast though – this luxury competition isn’t all luxury.

week 12 jury 5Flashback to 11:35 am BBT (sign up here for the live feeds) to watch the jury members rushing into the empty Big Brother house, as the houseguests helplessly watch from where they are sequestered in one of the HOH rooms. The jury members quickly proceed to destroy everything – Zach throws clothes all over the living room, Nicole tosses pillows and cushions around the room, and Hayden tosses the silverware into the sink. It’s a mad house as the houseguests watch the jury members tear apart everything.

The live feeds eventually cut away (likely while the houseguests are competing in the luxury competition). When they return at 1:05pm BBT, the house is an absolute mess (check out the screencaps below!). Sounds like the game involved searching for coins in the house, and as a result the houseguests also had to turn the house upside down.

Looks like Victoria won 5k but we’re still figuring out the rest of the luxuries that were won during the comp. Stay tuned!

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