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Big Brother 16: Week 8 Eviction & HOH Competition

Tonight, Cody and Zach sit on the block. If you’ve been watching the live feeds and following along with our spoilers, then you know Zach is likely walking out that front door tonight.

Here is how the houseguests voted tonight:

  • Derrick: Zach
  • Christine: Zach
  • Donny: Zach
  • Caleb: Zach
  • Victoria: Zach

By a vote of 5-0, Zach is evicted from the Big Brother house.

B3VCap 2014 08 13 22 36 18 251 Big Brother 16:  Week 8 Eviction & HOH CompetitionThis week’s HOH competition will leave us with just one HOH – the double HOH twist is now over for the rest of this season. This also means no more Battle of the Block. Back to regular Big Brother and I don’t mind one bit.

But before we get to the HOH competition, the evicted houseguests will get a chance to battle it out for a chance to return to the Big Brother house.

The returning Jury competition is called “Come Back Fight” and it’s a wrestling theme. The player with the most discs on a spinning turn table at the end of the competition, wins. It’s a close one but Nicole is back in the game!

Stayed tuned for updates on the HOH competition

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Big Brother 16: House Drama

Last night, Victoria decided it would be fun to taunt Zach. Victoria and Zach’s relationship has been a rocky one and Victoria decided to take her fued with him to the next level.

Zach was sitting at the table in the kitchen with his pink hat (Flashback to 11:54pm BBT on 8/18). As soon as he stepped away, Victoria snagged it and took off for the bathroom, where she planned to hide it. She quickly changed her mind and ran to one of the bedrooms, shouting to Christine to bring her a knife.

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At this point, the feeds cut out for a few minutes (while Victoria dices up the hat) and when they return, we find Victoria sitting in the kitchen smirking and rubbing her hands together mischievously.

Flashback to 12:07am BBT on 8/19 to find Caleb telling Cody that Victoria diced up Zach’s pink hat with a knife. Caleb is shocked and says he is going to hide his things. Victoria tells them she is tired of being degraded, tortured, and talked about by Zach and that’s why she did it.

Finally, Zach realizes his hat is missing (flashback to 12:30am BBT 8/19). Victoria proceeds to try to pick a fight with Zach at this point. Her hope is that he will try to hit her and be kicked out of the house. Zach is clearly upset but doesn’t lay a hand on her.

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That same night, even more drama happens in the house. It was an interesting night on the feeds for sure. While Zach, Caleb, and Cody are in the backyard playing pool, Caleb hears someone shouting from over the wall in the backyard (flashback to 10:19pm BBT on 8/18). The voice shouts, “Zach we love you! Frankie you’re disgusting!”.

Zach starts shouting back “we love you too!” and Frankie joins in, shouting “we love you back!”. After thinking for a second, Frankie asks “what did he say?”

Caleb responds that all he heard was them say “Zach, we love you!”. Zach reassures Frankie that everything they said was positive, but Frankie doesn’t seem convinced.

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