BB15 Spoilers: Week 6 POV Competition Results


Earlier today, we learned who America nominated for eviction. Now, the houseguests have played in the POV competition and the results are in.Playing in today’s competition was Candice, Jessie, Amanda, Ginamarie, Judd, & Spencer.  Aaryn hosted the competition.

Click below to find out who won the Power of Veto:

This could definitely be a game changer. Now, Ginamarie has a second chance to nominate a real threat.

This POV competition also included an opportunity for the competing houseguests to win some fabulous prizes and some not-so-fabulous punishments.

  • Spencer won a trip to the Bahamas
  • Candice will be wearing a clown suit all week
  • Judd won 5k
  • Amanda got “50 shades of orange”, orange spray tan
  • GinaMarie has to wear a “cone of shame” for 24 hours

The results of the POV competition are already causing some serious stress and drama in the house.  GinaMarie is calling Spencer a selfish asshole. Amanda and McCrae are having a huge fight over something she said during the competition

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