Big Brother 14 Beauty Pageant

The houseguests participated in an impromptu Big Brother 14 Beauty Pageant today. On the live feeds, Danielle has talked about being ‘involved’ in the Miss USA circuit and alluded to being in beauty pageants. So, Britney decided it would be a good idea to put on Danielle’s sky-high heels and a sarong and pretend to be a part of a beauty pageant.

Britney pranced out of the house and posed, as if to be on a beauty pageant stage. Will quickly joined the fun and did his own walk across the ‘runway’, while Britney acted as a pageant announcer. They encouraged Danielle to participate too and she finally gives in, all the while Britney and Will are acting as announcers. All of the other houseguests watch along and they announce Wil as the 2012 Big Brother 14 beauty pageant winner.

Check out the screencaps below of the ‘pageant’. If you want to watch it for yourself, you can flashback to 2:40PM BBT on the live feeds and see it in its entirety. It’s fun to watch and definitely worth checking out on the live feeds. Don’t have the feeds? Sign up here and get a free 3-day trial.

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