Big Brother 14: Dan’s Dramatic Goodbye Speech

Tonight was one of the most drama filled nights we’ve had on the live feeds in awhile. Knowing he is most likely getting evicted from the Big Brother house this week, Dan decided to call a house meeting and give a ‘goodbye’ speech to the entire house.

Dan gives each houseguest a personal speech, most of which explain to each person how they have inspired him in the game and in real life. Dan calls Danielle out last, and what he says is completely shocking to everyone, especially Danielle. Above all of the houseguests, Danielle has been particularly loyal to Dan. She has declined opportunities to join other alliances, in an effort to stay loyal to Dan.

Despite this, Dan tells Danielle he will never trust her again and she is “dead to him” in the Big Brother house. Here is the complete speech to Danielle:

“Finally, I know there’s Danielle. The last time I played this game I learned a lot of tough lessons early on and I learned, luckily early enough, that you’ve gotta find one person and put 100% of your trust into them and I had that with Memphis Garrett, he’s very underrated. I knew no matter what happened in this game, I could put 100% trust into him, he wouldn’t do anything to hurt me intentionally or unintentionally; he always had my back. And when I saw you standing there, day one, and you came to me, and I knew you wanted to be on my team, and I thought if I picked you you would have similar qualities to Memphis Garrett. And through my own fault, I was wrong. We don’t need to get into it now, but in this game, you’ll never earn my trust back. You know what you did and in this game, you’re dead to me. So don’t come to me and ask about it cause it’s over.”

Blindsided by Dan’s speech, Danielle completely breaks down and keeps asking “What did I do? I don’t know what I did”. All of the houseguests are stunned and non are sure what Dan is talking about. Danielle has been hysterical since the speech ended, so be sure to tune into the live feeds to catch the aftermath of Dan’s dramatic goodbye speech.

If you have the live feeds, the speech is definitely worth flashbacking to and watch in it’s entirety. You can flashback to 7:45pm BBT to see Dan practicing his speech in one of the bedrooms. At about 7:54pm BBT, you can see Dan’s speech from the very beginning. Don’t have the feeds? You watch the speech for free by signing up for a free 3-day trial.

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2 Responses to Big Brother 14: Dan’s Dramatic Goodbye Speech

  1. cheri August 27, 2012 at 6:14 pm #

    Wow, that was quite a speech he gave Danielle. I would have been shocked to it was me he was talking to. Luckily, I saw afterwards that it was part of his plan to throw everyone off. I watched last night’s nomination this morning since I was working at Dish last night. This is fine with me since I have the Hopper that has the Auto Hop feature. I was able to watch it with no commercials since it will automatically skip them for me. I had time to watch it before taking my daughter to school. I wasn’t shocked to see Frank put up Dan and Danielle, but I am glad to see that Dan is making an alliance with Frank and keeping his alliance with Danielle as well.

  2. Chris August 30, 2012 at 4:10 am #

    We all know you are just shilling Dish Network. Go away.

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