Big Brother 14: Pool Day Live Feed Screencaps

Yesterday, the houseguests spent most of the afternoon poolside. Nearly the entire Big Brother 14 gang broke out their bikinis and swim trunks for a day of lounging in the sun. Check out these screencaps from the live feeds below.

Janelle and Britney took a break from the pool to get a workout in. The camera man seemed to really enjoy it, as you can tell from the live feed screencaps below. Enjoy!

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One Response to Big Brother 14: Pool Day Live Feed Screencaps

  1. Carter August 7, 2012 at 12:18 pm #

    I find it incredibly entertaining that the houseguests can actually enjoy themselves by the pool after all that has happened. Big Brother is one of the best shows on TV and this last week was the reason why. I caught up with all of the episodes from this week after I got home from work at Dish last night, then I went straight to the live feeds. After seeing Frank and Wil get nominated, I knew something was going to change: Boogie doesn’t let his best buddy get voted out without trying something. It was very easy to get through this week’s episodes, since my Hopper recorded it on PrimeTime Anytime. I was able to skip through the commercials automatically with the Auto Hop and get back to the live feeds as fast as I could. I can’t wait until Thursday’s live eviction ceremony!

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