Big Brother 15: Elissa’s Fight with McCrae & Andy


While the houseguests were in the backyard chatting today, the conversation turned to gameplay. Elissa, McCrae, & Amanda were discussing how Howard and Spencer are being shady and Elissa mentions that she does not like that Howard swears on the bible. She explains that religion is important to her and she participates in bible study daily. This where casual game talk turns into total drama.

Andy can hear their conversation and gestures from across the yard for them to lower their voices before others hear them. McCrae laughs and Elissa immediately takes this as McCrae and Andy mocking her religious beliefs. She instantly attacks them and tells them it isn’t funny to make fun of other people’s religion. She continues to explain how she would never put on a ‘show’ about her religion, and that they shouldn’t flatter themselves thinking she would do that for them. McCrae and Andy apologize profusely but to no avail – Elissa gets up and goes inside.

Andy follows her, with McCrae close behind. They search the house and finally find Elissa, who has no interest in speaking with either of them. Andy and McCrae attempt to explain that they were simply gesturing for her to lower her voice because Ginamarie was close by during their conversation. Elissa refuses to listen and continues to tell them that she feels disrespected and that it is wrong to make fun of religion. She continues to explain the importance of religion in her life and how disrespected she feels. Andy and McCrae continue to apologize but Elissa continues like a broken record, repeating herself over and over again. Frustrated, Elissa leaves the room again and is clearly done with the conversation.

It was all needlessly dramatic but it’s a fight worth watching. You can flashback to 3:00pm BBT on your live feeds to watch the drama go down. If you don’t have the live feeds, you can sign up here and even get a free trial.

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4 Responses to Big Brother 15: Elissa’s Fight with McCrae & Andy

  1. Kim Ninness July 24, 2013 at 4:36 pm #

    Ok, I was all for Elissa till this! I was defending her to everyone here that wanted to see her voted out from day 1 just because she is just like her whining sister, right down to the pouty lip! This is truly ridicules!!!! I hope she is totally embarrassed when she watches this afterward. What in the world is she thinking? Send her packing so we do not have to watch the rest of the show with her whining! SEND HER PACKING!!!!

  2. leila scalese July 24, 2013 at 5:30 pm #

    we cannot enjoy the live feeds anymore? things were fine until Sunday 7/1/2013, so do not charge us!!!!!!!!


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