Big Brother 15: Final HOH Competition Results & Final Week Preview

Hard to believe we’re just days away from the season finale! This week either Andy, GinaMarie, or Spencer will walk away from the Big Brother house 500k richer!

Here is what has happened this week to catch you up on all of the latest action leading up to the finale:

  • Final HOH Competition – Round 1: Ginamarie, Andy, and Spencer competed in a “Roller Disco” competition where they each hung on a cable while skating around on roller skates. Bubbles and water were added to the competition to make things slippery and extra challenging. Ginamarie pulled off the win for the first round of the HOH Competition. Andy came in second place and Spencer came in last.
  • Final HOH Competition – Round 2: After Ginamarie skated away with a win, Andy and Spencer battled it out in round 2 of the HOH competition. This competition was a one-at-a-time, individual type competition. Andy won this round and Spencer was visibly disappointed but did his best to convince Andy and GM he was worth taking to the final two.
  • Coming up this week: The last round for this final HoH will be held on Wednesday night during the live finale show. During the final round, Andy and Ginamarie will compete in a trivia-style competition. The winner of the final round will cast the final eviction vote and secure their spot in the Final Two, where they will be at the mercy of the Jury’s votes.

As we go into the final week of Big Brother 15, who are you hoping to see win?

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  1. erma September 16, 2013 at 2:00 pm #

    GinaMarie! Andy needs to go to jury!

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