Big Brother 15: Girls Put On Jersey Shore Fashion Show

Last night, some of the girls in the house put on their best ‘Jersey Shore’ getups and choreographed a dance to with it. Ginamarie, Helen, and Elissa loaded on the makeup and tacky clothes and put on a show for the house that included lots of booty shaking. Elissa even put in fake butt implants and tried her best at a ‘Jersey’ accent. It was pretty entertaining.

On top of that, for some reason Jeremy was walking around dressed up like a baby. Not sure what was going on there. Kaitlin got dramatic and told Jeremy her parents would not be happy seeing Jeremy dressed up like that. Dumb.

Check out the screencaps below and use the DVR-like feature on your live feeds to flashback to 8:39PM BBT on 7/14. Don’t have the feeds? Sign up here and even get a free trial.

Yes, I want to sign up for the live feeds



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