Kaitlin and Jeremy’s Showmance Heats Up

Romance in the Big Brother 15 house is heating up, making for some exciting live feed action. It’s still early in the season, so it will be fun to see how these showmances play out the rest of the summer.

First we have David and Aaryn. Not much happening here physically, but they do some heavy flirting from time to time as well as lay around talking about how awesome they each are. The rest of their time spent together involves Aaryn talking down to David and telling him how wrong half the stuff he does is. Interesting dynamic for sure. Last night after hearing about a make out session between Kaitlin and Jeremy, Aaryn makes it clear to David that she will not be doing that saying, “I didn’t come on here to make a soft-core porn”. Sorry David.

Speaking of Jeremy and Kaitlin, these two have really been heating it up. Late Thursday night (Flashback Time: 6/27 3:32 AM BBT – Cam 1) they had some undercover action going. Some on twitter said that Jeremy got to third base. The session ends when Kaitlin realizes there is a camera right above the bed, and she says “sorry dad”. Funny she would be surprised about the cameras – this is Big Brother afterall.

Well last night she must of forgot that she was in the Big Brother house again, because her and Jeremy were back at it again. This time  (Flashback Time: 6/28 1:47 AM BBT – Cam 1)  the lights were on, and the camera man had no problem going in for a close up.

Crazy Update: It looks like we now have a 3rd showmance heating up.  I have to admit I did not see this coming. Amanda has been sleeping in the HOH bed with McCrae and doing some light flirting. I did not think it was much more than game play from Amanda. Well this morning we see them kiss on the feeds (Flashback Time: 6/29 7:18 AM BBT – Cam 1).

Crazy Update 2: Looks like this was a thank you kiss from McCrae for some “handy work” from Amanda. You will have to flashback and be the judge. (Flashback Time: 6/29 5:42 AM BBT – Cam 1 & 2).  After the deed she is seen wiping her hand, and then says she regrets telling her family about the live feeds.  She also mentions that her boyfriend’s family has the feeds as well. Wowsa.

Crazy Update 3: McCrae and Amanda did the deed last last night. You can flashback to 7/30 1:11am on Cam 1 for the after fun talk and embarrassment. Wow. Crazy.

The great thing about the live feeds is that they have DVR-like features, which enables you to rewind and watch all of the action you missed. We’ll also provide you with exact flashback times so, you know exactly where to rewind to watch that scene, so keep checking back. This season, there are even highlights on the live feeds, so with one click you can see memorable scenes from that day.

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6 Responses to Kaitlin and Jeremy’s Showmance Heats Up

  1. Jennifer June 29, 2013 at 4:55 pm #

    None of these flashback times match up…..

  2. d June 30, 2013 at 4:25 am #

    i think this season has some of the hottest women but i dont like big brother after dark being taken off of showtime. i like the uncensored stuff. i would like to see everyone let go more and get crazy and show what the got like the other big brothers does in other countries.


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